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Altor BioScience Corporation is a leading provider of products for detecting novel disease targets presented on the surface of cells and tissues.

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STARâ„¢ (Soluble T-cell Antigen Receptor) multimers can be used to evaluate peptide antigen presentation in the context of MHC molecules on cancer and virally infected cells, enabling investigators to gain a better understanding of these diseases and ultimately develop new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Altor offers a number of different conjugate options and control reagents that allow flexibility and rapid development of STARâ„¢ multimer-based staining applications.

STAR™ multimers feature:
  • High affinity/avidity for detecting low levels endogenous peptide antigen presentation
  • High specificity for well-characterized tumor and viral peptide antigens
  • Flexible labeling and assay formats fully compatible with antibody and MHC tetramer staining technologies
  • Applicable to research in cancer, infectious and autoimmune diseases, transplantation and T-cell immunity
  • Technology platform enabling powerful new applications for characterizing and validating antigen presentation