About Us

Altor BioScience Corporation is a venture-backed, privately-held, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing breakthrough immunotherapeutic products based on its multiple proprietary technology platforms for the treatment of cancer, viral infections, and autoimmune diseases. Altor’s technologies have been in development for more than twenty years. Altor currently has three products in clinical development: ALT-801, ALT-836, and ALT-803.

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Technology Platforms

STAR™ Technology Platform - The Company’s proprietary Soluble T-cell Antigen Receptor (STAR™) technology enables the recognition of novel targets on cancerous or virally infected cells which cannot be identified by traditional monoclonal antibodies.

Tissue Factor Antagonists Platform - Monoclonal antibody based antagonists are being explored in clinical development to treat a variety of life-threatening inflammatory diseases and cancer.

IL-15 Platform - IL-15 super-agonists, antagonists and protein scaffolds are being utilized to create novel immune molecules for treatment of cancer, infection and inflammation.

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Product Development

First-in-class product candidates derived from the STAR™, Tissue Factor Antagonists and IL-15 Platforms are currently in various stages of clinical trials. This strong product pipeline is further reinforced by the numerous other product candidates that have completed proof-of-principle studies in animal models and are at the preclinical development stage.

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STAR™ Multimer Reagents

Altor has launched an exciting new class of innovative research products based on its proprietary STAR™ technology. These products enable the detection of novel disease targets presented on the surface of cells and tissues which are not detectable by antibodies. Altor continues to expand the reagent product portfolio.

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